45-80kgs / m3 multifunctional sofa Memory Foam , multi purpose sofa bed furniture

45-80kgs / m3 multifunctional sofa Memory Foam , multi purpose sofa bed furniture


»Specs Parameter


Name Memory Foam Composite Mattress
Item No. LDCD-150515 Customized Available
Weight NW: 23.3kg±0.2kg Age Group All
Color Availability White, Pink, Blue, Beige etc.

(width x length x height)

This item available for size of W 150×L 200×H (5+15)cm, other customized size can according to customers request, for example:
1.5m(5 inch) bed: 150*190*20cm

1.8m(6inch) bed: 180*200*20cm

Outer Covering Polyester
Inner Covering Mite and Allergen proof Cover(100% Polyester)
Filling 100% Premium Quality Memory Foam
Packaging Detail First layer: imitation scratched plastic bags; Second floor: the subsidence Angle bead design; The third layer: wear-resisting kraft paper.
Softness Medium General Use Home Furniture
Washable Available Grade A
Characteristics 1. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, water absorption, strong resistance to abrasion and good dyeability features, warm in winter and cool in summer, not only can rid the body of excess heat and moisture, but also has natural antibacterial, anti-bacteria mites, anti-mites, odor-resistant , anti-uv function and beauty and health care effects.
2. Unique soft and comfortable bamboo fabric is perfect fit body curves, Balance support for whole body , pressure and fatigue relief, the mesh cover on side gives cycle respiration of your body, let you into a deep sleep.
Antibacterial and anti-mite cover can effectively prevent bacteria, mites, provide dry cleaning sleep environment.
3. Seven district human engineering design help to disperse total body weight, Provide full support for each part of human body, Protect the spine, Pressure and fatigue relief.
Manufacturer Shenzhen Lian Da Sponge Product Co., Ltd

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