Energy Saving Obscure Laminated Glass Furniture Tops For Dining Tables

Obscure Laminated Glass Furniture Tops For Dining Tables , Frosted Safety Glass Mirror


Product Description
Laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more layers of glass sheets together with PVB interlayer, under certain high temperature and high pressure in autoclave.

By adding 2 or more PVB interlayers between the glass sheets, laminated glass offers increased security as it becomes progressively more difficult to break through.

Performance Features:

1. Excellent earthquake-resistance, high impact-resistance, good sound insulation.
2. Safety: if broken, the small pieces sticks on adhesive layers, avoiding splashing and hurting.
3. Good heat resistance and energy saving effect.


Glass curtain wall, Doors and windows, Building ceiling, Skylight window, Elevator guardrail, Handrail glass, Furniture glass, Home and outdoor decoration, Green House, Furniture glass, etc.



Color Clear, Ultra clear, French green, Dark green, Euro grey, Dark grey, Ford blue, Dark blue, Ocean blue,
Euro bronze, Dark bronze, Golden, Pink, Yellow, etc.
Thickness 2-22mm
Max size 3660mm x 11000mm
Min size: 300mm x300mm

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